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13 Signs It’s Time For An Antenna Repair

14 November 2018

If you can’t get a reliable signal or connection on your TV, you might need an antenna repair. Or you might not. We’ll take you through all the different components to check and diagnose a potential issue – and maybe even get it sorted yourself without calling a technician... Read More



Digital vs. Analogue: Which Antenna (and Service) Do You Need?

07 November 2018

Need an antenna service or upgrade? Make the right choice the first time with our comparison guide between digital and analogue. We list common reasons why you might get a poor quality image on your TV and how a technician can help... Read More



11 Reasons to Keep Your Digital Antenna and Reconsider Paying for Video Streaming Services 

31 October 2018

Don’t ditch your digital antenna just because you can stream shows on Netflix. Check out these 12 reasons to keep your TV connection and how to get the best digital antenna for free, reliable entertainment at home... Read More



10 Creative TV Point Installations for Your Home 

23 October 2018

Renovating your home and wondering where to put some new TV points? Before you book your TV point installation, check out our top 9 common (and creative) places to put a TV.  Choose the right spots to add a TV point and future-proof your home.…. Read More



How to Figure out What Kind of TV Wall Mount You Need

17 October 2018

Whether you’ve purchased a new TV recently, moved house, or just want to make the most of your living room space, mounting your TV on the wall is nearly always a good idea. But if you’ve searched online for information on TV wall mounts and TV brackets, you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed.  So, how do you figure out what kind of TV wall mount is right for your TV?…. Read More



11 Reasons to leave your TV Wall Mount Installation Up to the Pros

12 October 2018

Do you really need to hire a professional to do your TV wall mount? Or could you get away with a DIY job?

Yep, you guessed it! This is one job where you should almost always hire a pro. There are so many factors to think about when wall mounting your TV….. Read More



The Mover’s Guide to Antenna Installation 

11 October 2018

So you’re about to move to your new house or business… or you’ve just moved and you’re wondering how and when to get your antenna installation sorted?

You’re in the right place!  Moving can be a stressful time… there are just so many things to tick off your list!.Read More



What is a Digital Antenna and Do I Need One?

3 October 2018

Want to find out what a digital antenna actually does? And whether you need one for your TV? Read our ultimate guide to digital antennas, including TV channels in Australia, frequencies, how they work, and different types of antenna systems you can install. Plus, how to know if you need to upgrade your antenna (or not).Read More



Types of TV Cable Used in Australia

12 August 2018

One of the most commonly neglected parts of a TV antenna system is the cabling used to bring the TV signals from the antenna to the TV receiver. This is due to a misunderstanding of the types of cabling available and the manufacturers’ intended use for each type of cable… Read More

TV Cabling Types


Will VAST Survive The Current Government Review?

29 July 2018

The Viewer Access Satellite Television (“VAST”) service is currently under review by the Australian Government’s Department of Communication and the Arts. Given there is a significant amount of funding provided by the Government to fund VAST, this review is addressing… Read More

VAST Commercial Services


Why is TV Antenna Installation in Sydney so Difficult?

15 July 2018

It’s not! You just have to know about your specific area. The team at Install My Antenna constantly have questions from our customers asking us why TV antenna installation in Sydney is so difficult. The answer is – it isn’t! The reason so many people (customers trying to do a ‘Do It Yourself’ installation, or other installation companies) have difficulties getting perfect digital TV reception in Sydney is due to… Read More



Top 5 Reasons Customers Want A Professional TV Wall Mount Installation

1 July 2018

So you have recently bought your brand new flat screen TV, got it home without a scratch and you start to unpack the box. And you realise, like up to 50% or more people who buy new TVs, that you don’t want it just sitting on your cabinet or a stand. You want a TV wall mount installation… Read More


What is Digital TV and Do I Need a New TV Antenna Installation?

24 June 2018

Prior to Digital TV, there was Analogue TV. Analogue TV transmissions make use of analogue signals to transmit video and audio. Analogue signals are processed using rapid variations of the radio-frequency wave attributes to indicate the colours, brightness, and sound. An example of these attributes are… Read More



The Future of Television Broadcast

18 June 2018

Television is currently broadcast in Australia through a variety of means. Broadly, they can be classified as either: (1) Terrestrial, (2) Satellite, (3) Cable, (4) IPTV. … Read More



Foxtel Moving Customers From Cable To Satellite

28 May 2018

How Is Foxtel Currently Distributed To Your TV? If you are getting it from the street cable network, things might be about to change… Read More



4K Resolution Free To Air TV In Australia!

18 April 2018

So What Is The Difference Between SD, HD, Full HD, and 4K Resolution? Broadly speaking, the quality of any video transmission you can achieve on your screen is a combination of… Read More




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