Best Antenna Installation in Sydney

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Best Antenna Installation in Sydney

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It’s been a long day and you’re ready to kick back, relax and watch your favorite TV show. You finally sit down, turn on the TV and the picture comes in fuzzy, or even worse there isn’t service at all. You’re suffering from reception issues, and it’s time to talk to technical experts that know all about antenna installation in Sydney.

If you want the clearest reception, you must start with the TV antenna that is best for you and your area. Keep reading for information on different types of antennas and how to find one that best suits your individual needs.

How to Choose the Best TV Antenna for Sydney Residents

All Sydney residents should take comfort in knowing that their antenna will provide clear visuals. However, there are several factors that can affect your antenna system:

  • Your location determines broadcasting.
  • The equipment used arbitrates the signal.
  • How the antenna was installed affects the entire system.
  • How well it’s maintained plays a part in its useful life.

There is no “best” TV antenna. The right antenna will be determined by your location and the programs you want to watch. Whether the antenna is indoors or outdoors, active or passive, and the type of signal it receives all influence its performance.

Types of Antennas

Antennas can be grouped into specific categories based on properties such as frequency, design, gain, material, filtering, brand and quality. We also believe that the place of manufacture plays a role in function, and the absolute best antennas happen to be manufactured right here in Australia! The information below can help determine the type, or types, of antennas that will work best for you and provide quick and easy installation.

Digital or Analogue Antenna

If you’re looking at antenna installations in Sydney, more than likely you have read about digital and analogue antennas. What’s the difference? Analogue antennas are older, whereas digital ones are more modern. The biggest difference is the way each antenna was designed in order to receive service.

While more residents are moving away from analogue antennas and converting to digital, you can still use your traditional antenna if you’re not quite ready for the change. An antenna should last up to a decade if hazardous conditions do not affect it. For more information on digital and analogue antennas, read some of our previous blogs:

Which leads us into other types of antennas you should consider based upon your specific location in Sydney.

Frequency: VHF, UHF or Combination

Digital TV signals are generally broadcast over two frequency lengths, Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF). Since Sydney is rather large, the capital city offers multiple transmission towers that use a blend of VHF and UHF in order to reach all local areas. The biggest difference between the antennas are size. VHF require a larger antenna surface to receive longer frequencies.

VHF antennas will offer a coverage of VHF Band 3 from channels 6 to 12. UHF antennas provide coverage of UHF Band 4 and occasionally Band 5. These antennas generally benefit modest inner metro retransmission stations and local/regional transmitters. If you want to receive channels below 12, especially the low band, you may need a combination antenna.

Directional and Multi-Directional Antennas

Directional and multi-directional antennas are self-explanatory. Directional antennas such as a Yagi will receive signal from one direction, while multi-directional ones get signal from various directions. Directional antennas will take in frequencies from larger distances because of their tunnel vision. This also makes them resistant to interference and multipath distortion; a common problem found in multi-directional antennas.

Once you know your desired stations, our experts can determine if those stations are transmitting from an area coverage of c. 20 degrees or less. If they are, a directional antenna will suffice.

Outdoor and Indoor Antennas

In our experience with antenna installation in Sydney, we have found that the best antennas are placed outdoors. Sydney is highly-populated and spread across several mountains and hills, making most homes distant from broadcast towers. The larger the area, the stronger the signal; the stronger the signal, the greater the gain.

Indoor antennas have the advantage of being lightweight and simple to connect. Being indoors, weather and birds cannot damage the antenna, plus it’s portable and can be repositioned. However, indoor antennas have a greater chance of losing service or experiencing disruptions.

Masthead or Distribution Amplifier

On occasion, the antenna you already have installed just needs a stronger signal. There are two types of amplifiers, or signal boosters, known as masthead and distribution. Masthead amplifiers are used in residential homes in Sydney when mountains, trees or buildings are blocking reception. Distribution amplifiers are larger and used in buildings such as apartment complexes.

Amplifiers do not come with antenna installations in Sydney. Amplifiers are not often needed and if used when not necessary, problems can occur and costs can rise. Too much signal will cause reception to be spotty and even cause potential failure of your entire system.

Common Obstructions Based on Your Sydney Location

Your TV channels are broadcast from large transmitter towers spread across Sydney. The closer you live to these towers, the better your reception and the less equipment you will need. TV signals in Sydney perform on low frequencies, meaning antennas don’t need a direct line of sight to work.

The most common obstructions vary based on the specific area in which you live. For example, in Sydney CBD, South Sydney, western suburbs and surrounding areas, the buildings often block signal from the main transmitter. A potential solution for these areas is to switch the antennas either from VHF or UHF and realign it to a stronger transmitter. In eastern suburbs of Sydney and on the northern beaches, homes near the coast are hidden by hills and the salty air causes antennas to rust. For these areas, we suggest a taller mast and stainless-steel antennas.

St. George, Sutherland Shire, Campbelltown and Hills Shire District all face the prevailing problem of hills and distance. Boosters are commonly needed for these areas. Canterbury Bankstown and Inner West are generally the best areas in Sydney depending on your individual suburb. If problems occur in these areas, it’s usually time for a new antenna.

Other Services to Consider

Install My Antenna specializes in more than just antenna installation in Sydney. Our local technicians can provide a range of services that can help improve your signal, equipment and overall experience. Our technicians are trained to know whether your antenna needs an upgrade or just a repair. Plus, they can perform Foxtel installation if you want more options, TV point installation to connect your TV to other areas of your home, and TV tuning to ensure your television is set up properly.

Cost of Antenna Installation in Sydney

Just as there is no “best” antenna for your home or business, there is also no set price. Each job is different and factors that can affect the cost are:

  • The type of antenna you choose or require
  • The mount needed to place the antenna
  • The type and amount of cables and connectors needed
  • The roof type and how accessible the area is
  • The use or need of amplifiers

There are many instances where customers ask about installing antennas themselves. Regardless of your experience in home maintenance and renovation, we always advise hiring a local professional. Installing the antenna may save you a few dollars and cut down on costs, but ultimately the pros to hiring a professional far away the cons.

Why Hire a Professional Installer?

Whether installing an indoor or outdoor antenna, the process requires coaxial cables and certain building materials. Outdoor antenna installation is even referred to as low-voltage work. Safety is the number one reason to hire our professionals at Install My Antenna. The installer will be working in high places and often on unsteady or pitched roofs. Since antennas come in all shapes and sizes, it’s also difficult to properly handle an antenna and maintain your balance. In addition, there are typically confusing cables and cords involved.

Another reason to hire our experienced professionals is simply convenience. We have the knowledge, resources and local regulations readily available. No research or licenses are required because we already have them! We guarantee customer satisfaction and are confident in our ability to properly install antennas in the best location for your situation. We are also covered by insurance and offer a great warranty program.

Install My Antenna Provides The Best Antenna Installation in Sydney

There are many companies around Sydney that can provide antenna installation; what sets Install My Antenna apart from the competition?

  • We have over 35 years of experience installing antennas, and we know our local area very well.
  • Our expert technicians are highly qualified and provide superb customer service.
  • We specialize in more than just antenna installation in Sydney by offering whole-system services.
  • We guarantee satisfaction through quality customer service and a huge 25-year warranty.

If you’re tired of coming home to an unreliable antenna, call us for a free quote. In addition to antenna installation in Sydney, we also offer expert advice on the type of antenna you need based on your specific location. With over 35 years of experience, we know a thing or two about the best antennas for Sydney!