11 Reasons to Keep Your Digital Antenna and Reconsider Paying for Video Streaming Services

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11 Reasons to Keep Your Digital Antenna and Reconsider Paying for Video Streaming Services


Video streaming vs digital TV… if you had to choose one, which would it be?

Although video streaming services can seem like a better alternative to TV today, are they really all they’re chalked up to be?

We might be bucking the trend here, but we’re still in favour of the good ole fashioned TV. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to ditch your Netflix subscription in favour of enjoying entertainment via your TV. Or at the very least, have both options available, depending on what you want to watch.

Let’s talk about some of those reasons and then how to make sure you get the best connection to your TV (with the best digital antenna!).

Why You Shouldn’t Solely Rely on Streaming Services

1. No Internet? No Viewing.

It’s simple, really. If you rely on streaming services, you’ll be unable to connect to your usual shows when the internet is down. And with the way the internet is here in Australia right now, that’s a pretty regular occurrence. So it’s smart to at least have a backup entertainment option available when you want to relax or wind down, whether it’s your TV or a good book.

2. Slow Internet? Terrible Experience.

If you don’t have high-speed internet, forget about seamless viewing when you stream video. More like now you see it, now you don’t. Some streaming services automatically buffer their quality to match your internet speed, which means you’ll end up with a pixelated, fuzzy picture. Or worse – slow load times and lagging, while you wait for your show to buffer.

3. Account Limitations

If you’re savvy, you’ve probably split your Netflix account between a few friends and family members so you’ll be able to share the monthly subscription cost. But you won’t be able to stop them from logging into the account and bumping you off the show you were just watching due to user limits. If you’ve ever had that happen, you’ll know how annoying that can be! But if you have multiple TV points installed throughout your home, your whole family can tune into whatever channel they want, whenever they want. No limits!

4. Limited Variety

The thing about video streaming is you get to the point where you’ve seen just about everything they have on offer. Seen it, watched that, seen that one a million times. So even if you pay for a video streaming subscription, it’s still worth having another option for when you run out of shows or want some more variety. That’s another reason why it’s always worth having free-to-air TV available as a backup!

5. No Local Content

Your streaming service won’t offer you local content like news or reality shows. And chances are, there are at least one or two Aussie reality shows you’d like to catch, like The Bachelor, Masterchef, The Block, or Gogglebox.

Just quietly, The Bachelor is the best. Even digital antenna techs love a good trashy TV session… even if the star of the show ends up not picking a girl… seriously, Nick?

6. Miss Real-Time Action

Unless you’ve got a TV connection, you can probably forget about watching the big game live! No real-time sports means you’ll be behind on the score… and behind when your workmates talk about it the next day.

7. It Costs Money

Unfortunately, all the popular streaming services aren’t free, which can really eat into your budget. And if you subscribe to multiple services, like Netflix, Stan, AND Hayu, your entertainment costs can really pile up.

Fortunately, in our experience, all the best things in life are free, and that includes digital TV.

8. It Can Chew Through Your Internet

If you have capped internet downloads or low bandwidth, streaming videos can really churn through your internet. If you’re streaming hours of content a day, you could use up your entire month’s allowance ahead of schedule. And if there are other people under your roof using the internet at the same time, they might struggle to load other types of content or get work done while you watch your favourite shows.

9. It Can Be Unhealthy

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to think about ditching your streaming services is your health. Having access to on-demand content might sound great at first, but it encourages unhealthy binge-watching. This can impact on your family time, sleep time, and mental health – especially if it’s something you do every day. Even though you might want to watch the next show in a series straight away, having to wait for it to come on TV next week is part of the fun and anticipation… and is a lot better for you, as well.

10. It Doesn’t Support Local

The local entertainment industry relies on the thousands of Australian viewers who tune into their favourite shows. The more viewers, the more support and finances are available to produce local content. If every Australian stopped watching TV and instead got their entertainment fix via a streaming service like Netflix, we’d see even fewer Aussie-based shows on our screens, which would mean the death of our already small local film/entertainment industry.

11. It’s a Different Experience

There’s something special about switching on the TV and surfing through the channels. You never quite know what you’re going to get. Some people might consider that a bad thing, but actually, most people enjoy the experience. Even though we have on-demand streaming available, we still choose to flick through the channels and watch whatever’s on. And in fact, this is one big advantage over streaming services – you don’t have to make a choice before you can start watching. Because sometimes, when you just want to relax, deciding what you want to watch is the last thing you want to do.

Then How Do You Get Entertainment Without Paying For Streaming?

You use your TV! You don’t need a fancy subscription or high-speed internet to enjoy quality entertainment. In fact, sometimes the simplest approach is the best. Digital antenna + your TV = great entertainment you can rely on.

The secret is to invest in quality equipment. The best digital antenna you can get for your area will ensure you have better uptime and more access to local content than any internet streaming service on the market.

What Are the Best Digital Antennas?

So glad you asked. Let’s go through the basics…

A digital antenna is one that is designed to receive and decode digital TV signals (unlike the old analogue TV transmission). Read more about digital TV in our blog, What is Digital TV?

There are two main kinds of antennas – indoor and outdoor. But the best digital antennas are usually designed to go outside, up on top of your roof. That’s because they’re more likely to pick up a better, stronger signal, so you get clearer, uninterrupted viewing.

The best digital antenna for you will depend on your location and signal. The most common types in Australia are:

  • Yagi – gets a stronger signal and can receive a smaller frequency range
  • Log Periodic – more compact, usually a weaker signal, but works across a wider frequency range

There are also some variations between antennas, like different features, sizes, and gain. The best digital antenna will depend on what you need to get a good connection for your local area and position. Asking a professional for help here is best. Digital antenna technicians will be able to assess your situation and recommend the right antenna for the job.

Check out our blog, What is a Digital Antenna? for more information.

Connect to Your Favourite Shows with the Best Digital Antenna

If your antenna’s not up to scratch, call in the best digital antenna experts in your area. (That’s us if you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, the Sunshine Coast, or the Gold Coast!)

We’ll help you get set up with the best digital antenna so you can start enjoying a great connection and some of the best FREE available content you can get these days.

Then you don’t have to feel tied to a streaming service. In fact, you might even cancel your subscriptions or put them on pause so you can save some money and enjoy all the free content on offer.

We hope you enjoy your new entertainment options!