Free TV Antenna Quotes – Why We Don’t Quote Over The Phone

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Free TV Antenna Quotes – Why We Don’t Quote Over The Phone

10 May 2021

Free Quote TV Antenna

If your TV reception has failed recently, or you are starting to get pixelation at night time or during rainy weather, you probably want to get your TV channels back up and running quickly and with a solution that will serve you well for the next 20-30+ years.

You probably also want to know how much it is going to cost to get the problem fixed up and make sure you are getting a good price from the company performing the works.

The only real way to provide a solution to these problems is for your local antenna installer to provide you with a no obligation free quote. This involves one of our experienced technicians attending your premises to perform an assessment of your current TV system and provide a recommendation and related pricing as to get it all fixed and working again.

Nevertheless, there are always a number of customers that just want a price over the phone. Here, we explain why it is best for our technicians to organise a free onsite quote.

1. Until We Diagnose The Problem, We Can’t Offer A Price For A Recommended Solution

Quite simply, we cannot fault find your existing TV antenna system from our office or over the phone. Whilst we can guess what might have happened after a large electrical storm, until we get out to site, we simply don’t know what parts or how much labour is required to complete any works.

Once a technician arrives on site, they will perform a complete check of your TV antenna system using their ‘TV meter’ or spectrum analyser. When doing so, they can determine whether or not the fault in the system is being caused by a faulty antenna, a rusted splitter or even just a bad flylead. If it is simply a new flylead, then that will be a much lower price to fix as compared to a new antenna! In this way, we can provide you with the most cost effective solution to solve the real cause of the problem.

If you are getting a quote over the phone, then it is likely that it will just be for an antenna, which could be in perfectly good working order!

2. There Are Different Antennas For Different Locations

If you are simply after the cost of a new TV antenna installed on your premises, then we still cannot provide a fixed price quote over the phone. There are other variables involved in a TV antenna installation that vary depending on the house and location. Firstly, the rooftop can be different and require different types of mounts. Secondly, each specific house in a given area may need a different type of antenna. Even in the same street, we see some high gain antennas that are mounted on small tripod mounts, and others that require a 30 foot telomast.

Until we get out to site and perform a site survey on your rooftop to measure incoming signal quality and signal strength, no installer can guarantee which TV antenna is required. If they are guaranteeing a fixed price quote over the phone, the only logical conclusion we can make is that they have budgeted for using the best antenna they have in their truck and so may be charging you for a gold-plated antenna, when you need something less expensive.

If you are looking for factors that determine the new price of a TV antenna, check out our article on TV antenna installation cost.

3. It’s Free!

That’s right! There are no catches. A free onsite quote does not cost you anything. We will happily provide you with a quote and you can take our recommendation on board without proceeding with any works. Whilst we of course would love to complete the job for you, there is no obligation on you to do anything further.

4. You Get A Fixed Price Quote

At the end of our free onsite quote, you will have the option to proceed with the works to give you perfect TV reception. It is a fixed price quote, there is no “up-sell”, there are no additional fees, that is it!

Beware of many companies that provide ‘phone quotes’ on a limited basis. What might sound like a very attractive price over the phone, when they get out to site, you may discover that the price includes the antenna only and the installation comes at an additional fee. Or perhaps they haven’t included the cost of the antenna mount in their pricing.

Whichever company you choose to get a quote, you should always ask them if this is guaranteed to get you ‘100% Perfect TV Reception’ on all digital channels.

Install My Antenna installs only high quality, Australian made TV antennas. We have experienced technicians local to your area and we guarantee you perfect digital TV reception! You can get a free quote on our website just by entering your address and phone number.