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Install My Antenna has been servicing Australian households for over 35 years. Over this time, we have seen, tested and installed many different brands of equipment. In relation to antennas, we standby our strong preference to supply Australian made, heavy duty antennas to all customers. However, especially when it comes to MATV and commercial installations, there are many different brands of cable, amplifiers, modulators, satellite dishes, and so on.

Below is a list of some of the product brands we use:
• Aerial Industries
• Astro
• Belden
• Clipsal
• Digitek
• Fagor
• Hills
• Ikusi
• Jonsa
• Kingray
• Matchmaster
• Polytron
• Rover Instruments
• Spaun
• Televes
• Zinwell

When installing commercial systems, our strong relationships with suppliers ensure we are able to supply Foxtel approved products at the very best prices and with the best installation team in Australia. Learn more about the Foxtel Installation services.

TV Antenna Brands

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