Foxtel Installation

Install My Antenna are able to assist you with nearly all types of Foxtel Installations. Whether you are looking to add a Foxtel satellite dish to your house to prepare for a Foxtel service, if you are pre-wiring your house to have Foxtel installed upon completion, or if you require a 40-storey building pre-wired for PayTV, Install My Antenna are available to help.

Foxtel services are transmitted over a combination of a cable network or via satellite. Given recent developments in the future use of the cable network for the NBN, all future Foxtel installations will use a satellite transmission. Satellite installations cannot be performed by any antenna installer. They require additional expertise in order to design the system and align the satellite dish, as well as a different type of spectrum analyser. In addition, there are significantly different parts that comprise satellite installations, including:
Satellite Dishes: made in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of installation.
Low-Noise Block Downconverters (LNBs): can be single, double or quad input.
Headends: typically TDT, 5wire or Satellite Multistacker.
Multiswitches: can be a range of different inputs and outputs, depending on the type of system and the number of outlets in the system.
Launch Amplifiers
Line Amplifiers
Power Insertors

In addition, there are further specialised parts that can be installed to combine Foxtel with Free To Air TV channels, CCTV camera systems, in-house channels, and more.

Install My Antenna’s team of highly qualified technicians and office based design staff have expert knowledge of the correct Foxtel procedures, Foxtel Approved equipment and Foxtel compliant installation standards to ensure your Foxtel installation is done right the first time.

Foxtel In Multiple Rooms

Many of our customers think the only way to receive Foxtel at more than one TV in their house is to subscribe to additional Foxtel boxes. However, the team at Install My Antenna are able to take the signal from your single Foxtel box and deliver that channel to many different TVs around your house without the ongoing subscription fees. We can even install an infra-red transmitter/receiver that can allow you to change the channel from any room in your house.

Thankfully, Install My Antenna has performed many small and large scale Foxtel installations across Australia. You will be in safe hands with our fully trained & experienced technicians, as well as our technical and administrative office staff.

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