TV Amplifiers / TV Signal Boosters

In some circumstances, installing a high quality TV antenna (and cabling it to a TV point or multiple TV points) alone will not be enough to provide your premise with reliable TV reception. Depending on the TV signal strength and signal quality received by your antenna, or the design of your antenna system within your premise, you may also need to install a TV amplifier (also called a “TV signal booster”).

There are many different types of TV Amplifiers (the main types are masthead amplifiers and distribution amplifiers) and even more brands of TV Amplifiers, each with different quality, strengths and weaknesses. Installing the correct TV amplifier for the particular situation can provide you with TV signal strength and signal quality to guarantee you perfect digital reception.

Important Considerations Regarding TV Amplifiers / TV Signal Boosters

When the installation of a TV amplifier is required, it is important to ensure it is installed correctly. The incorrect installation and use of a TV amplifier can produce radio signal interference, caused by overload / distortion, mixing, or oscillation. Furthermore, the incorrect installation or the installation of faulty amplifiers can impact not only your TV reception, but also mobile phone systems and two-way radio communications systems.

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