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Watch TV from the comfort of your bed and catch your favourite shows (even when your kids want to watch something else) in any room of your house. With multiple TV points, you can watch TV when you want, wherever you want.

Install My Antenna makes TV point installation easy. Whether you need a new TV point in the bedroom, family room, or even the bathroom! And no matter what your roof type or signal strength is like, we can make it work.

With over 40 years’ experience, the best quality products, and unmatched workmanship, we’re the antenna point installation pros you can rely on.

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Our Process: How It Works

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Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, office, man cave, or toilet (hey, we don’t judge), we’re your professional TV point installation experts – and we’ll get the job done better (and faster) than anyone else.

STEP 1: Tell us what you need

Call us on 1300 800 123 or fill out the quote request form with your details (like how many tv points you want, the wall type, your roof type and access). We’ll let you know the next possible time a technician can visit your site to advise of the cost to complete your TV point installation.

STEP 2: Professional tech assessment

We’ll send our technician in to take a look and assess the best spot for your wall and room setup. We’ll think about positioning, cable length, splitters required, impacts on signal strength, wall types and wall studs, other services like pipes and electricals in the wall, and more.

Our local technicians won’t let any detail be overlooked – it’s all part of the service.

STEP 3: TV outlet installation

This depends on the type of building you have and how many TV points you need.

But usually, we split the signal after the lead-in cable connected to your TV antenna with a splitter or a tap (the size will be dependent on how many other outlets you have in your TV system), then run a cable from this either internally or externally to the room(s) where you want your additional TV point(s). Depending on your wall type, we can either run the cable through your internal wall or conceal it neatly in a cover, called conduit or Aussie Duct. We confirm exactly where you want your outlets installed. Then we terminate the high quality quad-shield cable with connectors and screw it into your brand new TV outlet (it’s as discreet as a wall power point or outlet).

STEP 4: Clean up

Before we go, we can connect up any devices you need (like your TV, DVD player, etc.). If we are running cables outside, where required we’ll then weather-proof the point where the cabling enters the house from outside. Finally, we always clean up after ourselves.

Your Questions About TV Point Installation, Answered

When should I get my TV points installed?

Good question!

Whether you’re building or renovating your home, rental property, or company building, it’s important to get the TV points installed at the right time. Usually, the best time is when you get the electrical wiring done. This is often just before your internal walls are installed, as it’s easiest to run the cabling with the internal cavities exposed.

But it’s possible to install new TV points even after a building is finished, so if you’ve past this stage or your property is complete (or if you just decide you want a new outlet in your home or business), it’s never too late to install your TV points.

Do I need a professional for my TV antenna point installation or can I DIY?

Although you can buy TV point installation kits from hardware stores, we don’t recommend going DIY on electrical tasks.

As you can see from our process above, it’s really something you should leave to a professional. A lot of the time, we’ll be up on the roof, going up and down ladders, and sometimes even go inside your roof. Plus, there’s cutting and fiddling with cables (that sometimes carries an electrical charge), splitting the signal, installing the outlet, and giving it all a professional finish.

It’s not always a straightforward job, and it can be dangerous if you’re not experienced. So, book a professional – it’s not worth risking your safety, and it’s probably more affordable than you think.

What will it look like when you’re done?

We always give you the most clean, professional finish that’s possible for your room. We prefer to install all new TV outlets in your home’s cavities, whether your walls are made out of double brick cavities, gyprock or anything in between. If this isn’t possible, our technicians can use internal conduit (Aussie Duct) or external conduit to finish off and conceal your cables.

How much does it cost to install a TV point?

New TV points are tricky to price without knowing all the details. That’s because there are sometimes things hidden in the cavity of a wall, and sometimes we’ll need to do double (or even triple) cavity drops. This means that while we can give you a ballpark figure, we’ll usually need to send a skilled and experienced technician onsite to finalise your quote and make sure we have the equipment we need on hand.

Should I get an extra TV point just in case?

It’s up to you. But if you’re in any doubt about whether you’ll want a TV point in another room or on a different wall, it’ll be a lot more cost effective to get it done at the same time.

Popular rooms for TVs include any living areas, bedrooms, office spaces, garage and even the outdoor BBQ area. You’ll future-proof your home or space and add value to your investment by adding extra TV points now.

Will I need a booster?

Each time you split the antenna signal for a new TV point, it will weaken the signal level, which can reduce your audio and video quality or perhaps cut it out completely, especially if your reception was already borderline.

We may recommend a masthead or distribution amplifier (also known as a booster) to make sure all your TV outlets have adequate reception. Depending on your geographic location, if you install more than 2-3 TV points, you may need a boost to get perfect digital TV reception.

You can learn more by reading our TV point installation essential guide.

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TV Point Installation Isn’t The Only Thing We Do…

Install My Antenna are experts at TV wall mounts, along with a range of other audiovisual services. We have local, professional technicians that can come to your home. We can wall mount your TV at the same time as your TV point installation.

Depending on where you are and when you call, you may be able to book a TV point installation technician to come today. Call to book now or click below to request a quote and get a callback.

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