11 Factors that Go into TV Antenna Installation Cost

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11 Factors that Go into TV Antenna Installation Cost

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In Australia, TV antenna installation costs range from around $400 to $700+ to install a new antenna on your roof. But this will depend on a range of things, including your technician’s experience, the type of mount required, the type of building you’re in, and whether you need any extras to help you get a good signal or set up your home theatre area. Because every home and situation is different, it’s impossible to know exactly how much your TV antenna installation will cost without getting an exact onsite quote for your needs.

Before you call up for a quote, it’s a good idea to check your situation against some common factors that come into pricing to see if your installation is likely to be a standard job (at the lower end of pricing) or a more complex job (more costly). We’ve listed out 11 cost factors below to help you know what to expect on your quote. And to help you choose the features that are essential for your installation, while staying on budget.

1. Repair Vs New

First thing’s first: if you’re planning a TV antenna installation, it’s important to make sure you really do need a new TV antenna (if you’re looking to replace an older one). Antenna repair is usually a lot less costly than buying and installing a new antenna, so if your current antenna isn’t working anymore, it could be worth calling a technician to see what’s going on. You may only need a slight adjustment or minor repair to get everything working again. Read more in our guide: 13 signs it’s time for an antenna repair.

2. Antenna Type

One of the main TV antenna installation costs comes from the equipment and materials used, especially your antenna. Indoor antennas are generally much cheaper than outdoor antennas and you may be able to install one yourself (so you can also save on labour). However, if you’re like most Australians, it’s unlikely that an indoor antenna will be suitable for your situation. If you’re not sure which type of antenna you need, be sure to read our previous blog, indoor vs outdoor antennas).

3. Antenna Cost

Outdoor TV antennas range in cost dramatically. The price depends on the antenna type, the materials used, the manufacturing quality and the size. The type of antenna you need will depend on the signal type in your area (UHF vs VHF) and the signal strength – a larger antenna may be needed if your area doesn’t get a strong signal. Higher quality materials will help your antenna last longer (heavy duty antennas last for decades or more even in some pretty extreme weather) and you may want to choose stainless steel if your area is prone to salty winds from your nearby beach.

Your antenna installer will be able to recommend the best antenna for your home that’ll give you a great signal (and last a long time) without blowing through your budget. Here at Install My Antenna, we can access a range of brands, including many antennas that are designed and manufactured here in Australia, for Australian conditions.

4. Your Location

We’ve already touched on this, but your home’s location will impact on the type of antenna (and other equipment) you need, which will also impact on your TV antenna installation cost. If you’re an area with lots of hills, black spots, or low signal strength, you might need to increase the height of your antenna with a high mast. And your technician may need to allow for extra time on-site to do additional testing and get your positioning just right.

5. Building Type

One of the major factors in your TV antenna installation cost is the type of building you live in. Standard pricing is normally based on standalone, single-storey homes. That’s because they’re generally easier to access, thanks to a relatively low roof height and accessible walls for cabling.

If you live in a two-storey home or townhouse, your installation will likely be more complex and require extra equipment and cabling to get the job done. If you live in an apartment building, that can add a whole other layer of complexity, which you’ll need to factor in. Take a look at our antenna repair guide for apartments to get an idea about some of things you’ll need to consider, including neighbours, body corporate, and your landlord (if you have one).

6. Access

Access goes beyond your building type, although that is a big part of it. If your home is difficult to access because of your rural location or surrounding features, you can expect a higher TV antenna installation cost. And if you need to connect your TV antenna through internal walls, this will also impact on the cost. Access is one of those things that can make a job more complex and time consuming, which means your technician will need to account for extra labour.

7. Complexity

A straightforward job will cost less than a complex job. Not just because of the time involved, but because with added complexity, your technician will likely need extra equipment and supplies, like taller ladders, taller and more labour-intensive mast installation, longer cables, and other elements to help increase your signal. So, if you’re in an area with low signal or your home is on multiple storeys, you can expect to pay a little more to get your TV antenna installed.

8. Extra TV Point Installations

If you’re installing a TV antenna for the first time, you’ll probably also need TV points installed. Or you may want to have some additional TV points installed so you can watch the TV in the bedrooms as well as the TV room. TV points require extra labour, cabling, splitters and other parts, so you can expect each additional TV point to increase your TV antenna installation costs.

9. Signal Boosters

If you’re in an area with low signal, you may need a TV amplifier or signal booster to help get your signal to the level it needs to be. Or if you split your signal to multiple TV wall points and it drops below the level needed, this may also require an amplifier. There are two different categories of TV amplifiers – masthead amplifiers and distribution amplifiers. And there are thousands of types of each. Selecting the right amplifier for the job takes a seasoned professional.

Your technician will be able to recommend the right one for your system, based on where your signal is dropping and how much of a boost is needed. Because a TV amplifier is an extra piece of equipment and adds some extra steps, it’ll add to your TV antenna installation costs. Learn more about whether you might need a TV amplifier.

10. Wall Mounting

While you don’t have to get your TV wall mounted, many people do book this service at the same time as their TV antenna installation. Wall mounting your TV can help ensure you get the antenna wall point in the right spot, so it’s hidden behind the TV. And of course, a TV wall mount can add to your experience, with the best viewing angles and less furniture, clutter, and cords in your TV room. While your TV antenna installation costs will go up with add-ons like TV wall mounting, overall, you may get a slight discount by bundling services.

11. Qualifications & Experience

You can get some cheap TV antenna installations – some people even try to do it themselves. But is it really worth the risk? Getting qualified and experienced TV antenna installers will ensure you get the best signal possible, with a safer and more durable setup. Install My Antenna are one of Australia’s most experience antenna installation companies, servicing clients for over 40+ years. Unlike some handymen or electricians who do antenna work on occasion here and there, all of our technicians carry high quality digital RF spectrum analysers to correctly diagnose the problem and offer the best possible solution to your specific requirements. We have a guarantee on all our services and a 25-year antenna guarantee. So if you’re looking for a professional, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Find Out Your Exact TV Antenna Installation Cost

It’s impossible to know exactly what your TV antenna installation will cost without getting an exact onsite quote from an experience technician. So, if you see any fixed prices advertised on websites, be wary – these are likely starting points for straightforward installations. Despite prices listed online, nearly all technicians will also need to visit the site to know exactly what your TV antenna installation will cost, which is typically when they will start up-selling other items required to complete the installation. If they provide a fixed price online or over the phone, check they have been established for over 10 years, as this is a great way for an installation company to get in a sticky situation and they may not be around for much longer. (Installing an 18 element high gain VHF antenna plus a masthead amplifier on a 50 foot telomast for a phone quoted price of $300 is an easy way to throw away your hard earned cash!)

We don’t advertise our prices for this reason, but we’re happy to provide you with a free onsite quote. Call our friendly service team on 1300 800 123 when you’re ready to book your TV antenna installation, your technician will pay you a visit, assess the situation, and give you an exact quote before they get started.