8 Costly Antenna Mistakes to Avoid

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8 Costly Antenna Installation Mistakes to Avoid

costly antenna installation mistakes to avoid

Planning your antenna installation soon? Want to make sure you get your antenna setup right the first time around?

We’ve assembled a list of some of the most common problems our team comes across when fixing antennas that aren’t working properly. No matter where you live, you’re likely to be susceptible to these antenna installation problems.

But if you’re based in Brisbane, this one’s especially for you – we’ve asked our antenna installation Brisbane team to provide some insights into the most common antenna problems they find in Brisbane homes.

8 Common Problems with Antenna Installations in Brisbane

Here are some of the mistakes we often see (and fix) for our customers with antenna installations in Brisbane…

1. Dodgy or DIY Jobs

Unfortunately, we see a lot of DIY antenna installations in Brisbane. We also see a lot of dodgy jobs by providers who offer installations but aren’t experienced like a specialist antenna technician. It’s usually obvious because when we investigate a problem with poor reception, we see sub-standard workmanship, poor quality materials, damage to the roof, and basic errors like the antenna facing the wrong direction. Unlike plumbing and electrical work, you don’t need to be certified in Australia to carry out antenna installations. So, if you’re planning to book an antenna installation in Brisbane, make sure you look for a company that specialises in the type of work you need, with plenty of proven experience in your local area.

2. Old Antennas

There are a lot of old analogue antenna installations in Brisbane still in use today, despite Australia switching over to digital channels in 2013. While some analogue antennas work fine to pick up a digital signal, many won’t. And all TV antennas will eventually break down or rust, causing reception problems. If you experience poor signal strength and you either have an analogue antenna or an old digital TV antenna, you might be due for an upgrade. Your antenna technician will be able to advise you on the best and most cost-effective TV reception solutions, whether it’s a repair, upgrade, or something else.

3. Old Cable

Too many homeowners think the problem is with their TV antenna, but actually, if they just replaced their old, damaged coaxial cable, many of their TV reception problems would be resolved. This type of TV cable is the part that runs through your wall, linking your digital antenna up on your roof to your TV wall point inside. Before they repair your TV antenna, a professional will isolate the problem to see if your old cable is causing any problems. Very old cables could be substandard and experience signal loss and even interference. Or damaged cables (thanks to those critters in the wall) could lose signal, which could give you poor sound quality and patchy video on your TV.

4. Wrong Antenna Type

A lot of the time, our Brisbane antenna installation team is called up about signal strength problems. When that happens, it’s often because people haven’t purchased the right antenna type for their location. Unless you’re close to and within line of sight to your local broadcast tower, an indoor antenna won’t cut it. You’ll need an outdoor antenna installed on your roof. But not just any outdoor antenna – you’ll need the right TV antenna for Brisbane’s frequencies. In Brisbane, you need a VFH antenna installed. But if you’re further north in the Sunshine Coast, or further south in the Gold Coast region, you’ll need a UHF antenna installed to get your local TV channels. If you hire an antenna installer in Brisbane who is familiar with the local frequencies, they’ll be able to advise you on the best antenna for your location.

5. Insecure Antenna Installation

When you live in Brisbane, your antenna installation has to be secure. It should be able to survive a reasonable number of thunderstorms, strong winds, hailstorms, and roof-dwelling possums. We see a lot of DIY jobs that aren’t installed securely and fall over as soon as the summer storm season hits. When you hire a professional, they should make sure your antenna is properly weather proofed for local conditions.

6. Incorrect Amplifier Usage

Amplifiers are great, if you need them. But if you don’t need an amplifier or you get one installed that’s too strong for your signal needs, you can actually experience even more signal issues! Our Brisbane antenna installers have reported a number of homes using amplifiers incorrectly, boosting the signals too much. Sometimes they do this because they think it will be an easy fix (instead of moving the antenna up higher to get a better signal or replacing old cabling). Make sure you only book a professional to install your antenna – and if they recommend installing an amplifier, make sure they explain exactly how it will fix your signal issue and benefit you.

7. Dodgy TV Wall Mount

Have you installed your own TV wall mount? Or hired a tradie to install it for you, but it’s not working out like you hoped? Our Brisbane antenna installation professionals also do a lot of TV wall mount installations (and fixes). They often see TVs fixed to the wall with the wrong TV wall mount type for the space or TV, whether too big or too small. Customers often complain that a previous installer hung their TV at the wrong height or angle, so they don’t have a comfortable viewing experience. But worst of all, we see too many TV mounts installed insecurely – without going through the wall studs. And that’s a safety hazard because your TV and bracket could fall down.

8. Not Enough TV Wall Points

Most new residential properties these days include a TV wall point in the lounge room, with another in the main bedroom. But if your property’s a bit older, you might only have one TV wall point. Either way, one or two TV wall points isn’t always enough for the average Brisbane family. To get more from your antenna installation, you might want to add a few extra TV wall points in other bedrooms or living areas.

How to Find a Quality Provider for Antenna Installation in Brisbane

The best way to avoid making any mistakes with your antenna installation is to skip the DIY and find a top-quality specialist antenna installer. In Brisbane, you’ll find a lot of companies and large franchises that offer a wide range of services. Only a few (like Install My Antenna) specialise in antenna installations, and none of them have as much as 40 years of experience like we have.

Here’s what to look for in a quality provider:

  • Many years of experience
  • Locally established
  • Specialising in antenna installations
  • Experience with repairs
  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Quality antenna brands and quality parts used
  • Focus on professionalism so you know you’ll get a quality finish
  • Fast service
  • Fast, free quotes

Get Your Antenna Installation in Brisbane Right First Go

Whether you need a new antenna installed or an old one repaired (if you’re experiencing some of the problems we mentioned above), we can help. Book our Brisbane antenna installation professionals to come to your home and get your TV antenna fixed or installed ASAP. Simply call our friendly service team on 1300 800 123 for a free quote or request a fast quote online.