Does the TV Fix or TV Fox Antenna Work in Australia? An Expert’s Review

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Does the TV Fix or TV Fox Antenna Work in Australia? An Expert’s Review

31 August 2019

So, you have lost free to air TV reception in your house or apartment and all of a sudden you start getting display ads and other hyper-targeted marketing for an unbelievable new technology called a TV Fox (also a VERY similar product called the TV Fix antenna, the TV Bandit antenna and the Skylink antenna). Somehow, you are able to get over 100 channels over the air for free using this new ‘super’ antenna developed by a NASA engineer. And best of all, there is minimal installation required – no need for an outdoor antenna, no long cable runs, just plug it right into your TV and you’re ready to watch ultra HD channels!

TV Fox Antenna

Sound Too Good To Be True?

It is!

Don’t be fooled by the US based marketing taglines, it is just a glorified ‘bunny rabbit ears’ antenna. This is a low gain, passive, indoor antenna. The User Manual even states that you may need an amplifier, which is sold separately.

Unfortunately, we aren’t even able to provide a full review on this product, as there are no specifications easily available online. We don’t know what gain the antenna provides, what frequency it is made for, or even if there is an F-type of PAL connector at the end of the coaxial cable.

Watch out for the same product being sold under various names, as reported by Whirlpool users.

So How Do They Get Away With It?

We’re not sure. But it is more normal in the United States for residents to receive TV reception via a cable or satellite network. There is a growing trend of ‘cord-cutters’ in the US, who are looking to sign up to IPTV subscription services and even install terrestrial TV antennas to replace their cable or satellite services. This is likely a product aimed at providing a quick-fix solution for cord-cutters who are looking for an inexpensive way to get a few terrestrial channels. If the customer is very close to a TV transmitter, then it may work for more channels, but based on the Amazon reviews, it doesn’t look like its working for most people.

We’re not saying this is a legitimate reason, especially when they have an Australian flag on their marketing materials, but it doesn’t stop them.