Guide to Autumn Entertainment on Foxtel: For Streamers, Cable-Lovers, and Those Impartial

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Guide to Autumn Entertainment on Foxtel: For Streamers, Cable-Lovers, and Those Impartial


Thinking about signing up for Foxtel this autumn/winter in Australia? You’re not the only one. With so many hugely popular shows coming out this season (especially a certain final season), thousands of Aussie customers are rushing to start their Foxtel subscription and book in a Foxtel installation.  

So, find out exactly what’s going down on Foxtel this autumn, what the best Foxtel Package options are (and how much they’ll cost), and what’s involved in a Foxtel installation. 

What’s On Foxtel this Autumn? 

Game of Thrones Final Season

Let’s not beat around the bush. Game of Thrones is probably why you’re thinking about getting (or resubscribing to) Foxtel, if you haven’t already. Since the final season is exclusive to Foxtel in Australia, subscribing to Foxtel is the only legal and easily accessible way to watch this popular show.  

This season is going to be a little different – 6 episodes, most of them closer to movie length. Here are the days/times and episode lengths released for each episode so you can plan ahead: 


Episode   Release time & date  Length 
1  Monday 15th April, 11am  54 minutes 
2  Monday 22nd April, 11am  58 minutes 
3  Monday 29th April, 11am  82 minutes 
4  Monday 6th May, 11am  78 minutes 
5  Monday 13th May, 11am  80 minutes 
6  Monday 20th May, 11am  80 minutes 


Don’t worry – if you miss an episode or you work Mondays, Foxtel has plenty of replays scheduled and other ways to catch up. 

Everything Else

Just in case you’re looking into Foxtel for something other than GOT (or you’d like to get your money’s worth by watching other shows as well), here’s what’s coming up in March, April, May 2019: 


When  Pack  Channel  Program(s) 
March 1  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

The Comedians 

Walter Presents: The Lens 

I, Robot 

Marked For Death 

Max Payne 



The Day After Tomorrow 

The Mexican 

Austin Powers in Goldmember 

Fun Mom Dinner 

Road Trip 

That’s Not Me 

In the Valley of Elah 



The Lost City Of Z 

The Thin Red Line 

Basic Instinct 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Cry 

Indiana Jones And the Last Crusade 

Indiana Jones And the Temple of Doom 

Raiders of The Lost Ark 

Shock and Awe 

My Old Lady 

The Female Brain 

Clear and Present Danger 

It Comes at Night 


Out of Time 

Shutter Island 

The Hunt for Red October 

The Rainmaker 

The Sum of All Fears 

March 2  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 

Spy Game 

The Limehouse Golem 

March 3  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Solo: A Star Wars Story 
March 4  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Secret City: Under the Eagle 

Turning Point 

American Idol 

Brothers’ Nest 

March 5  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

American Assassin 



March 6  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Selling Houses Australia S12 

21st Century Serial Killer 


March 7  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

The Coroner 

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 

March 8  Foxtel Now  Streaming 


Back to The Future 

Ideal Home 

The Bachelor 

Flatliners (2017) 

March 9  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Back to the Future II 
March 10  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Les Misérables 

Friday Night Lights 

Back to The Future III 

Breaking and Entering 

March 11  Foxtel Now  Streaming  A Lot Like Love 
March 12  Foxtel Now  Streaming 


The Longest Ride 

  13th Street  Drama  Dannemora Prison Break 
March 13  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Maid in Manhattan 
March 14  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Victoria S3 
  FOX Sports  Sport  2019 NRL Telstra Premiership 
March 15  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Project Runway S17 

Face Off 

  FOX Sports  Sport  2019 FIA Formula One World Championship 
March 16  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Judge Dredd 


March 18  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Midnight Sun 

Thank You For Your Service 

  Lifestyle FOOD  Entertainment Plus  MasterChef The Professionals S11 
March 19  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Better Things S 

Great Kiwi Bake Off 

  13th Street  Drama  Dirty John, The Dirty Truth 
  FOX SHOWCASE  Drama  Better Things S3 
March 20  Foxtel Now  Streaming 


Taken 2 

Taken 3 

March 21  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists 
  FOX Sports  Sport  2019 Toyota AFL Premiership Season 
  SyFy  Entertainment Plus  Aftermath S1 
March 22  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

The Rock 


March 24  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Con Air 
March 25  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

American Made 


  Nickelodeon  Kids  2019 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 
March 26  Nickelodeon  Kids  Knight Squad 
March 27  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Cults and Extreme Beliefs 
  Crime+Investigation  Docos  Cults and Extreme Belief 
March 28  Foxtel Now  Streaming  The Conjuring 2 
March 29  Foxtel Now  Streaming  Something’s Gotta Give 
  TLC  Entertainment Plus  People Magazine Investigates: Crimes of Fashion 
March 31  Foxtel Now  Streaming 

Escape Plan 

I Feel Pretty 

Ted Bundy: Serial Monster 

April 1  FOX SHOWCASE  Drama  Veep S7 (Final Season) 
  Animal Planet  Docos  Attenborough Month 
  E!  Entertainment Plus  Keeping up with the Kardashians S16 
April 2  FOX8  Entertainment  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S4 
April 5  Foxtel Movies  Movies  BlacKKKlansman 
April 7  beIN Sports  Sport  Barcelona v Atletico Madrid 
April 13  Cartoon Network  Kids  O.K. KO! 
April 14  ESPN  Sport  UFC 
April 15  FOX SHOWCASE  Drama  Game of Thrones S8 (Final Season) + Thronecast 
April 19  Foxtel Movies  Movies  Harry Potter Pop-up 
  Nick Jr.  Entertainment  Paw Patrol: Mission Paw 
April 22  Lifestyle FOOD  Entertainment Plus  Celebrity MasterChef UK S13 
April 24  Crime+Investigation  Docos  Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath S3 
April 25  13th Street  Drama  Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice 
April 28  Crime+Investigation  Docos  Confessions of a Serial Killer 
May  To be confirmed  


See more up-to-date info on What’s Coming Soon at Foxtel. 

Time to Get Foxtel Installed? 

There’s so much happening on Foxtel this autumn. If you don’t want to miss out, now’s the perfect time to book your Foxtel installation. 

But wait – what if the show you want to watch is already airing or about to start? The great thing about Foxtel is that all packages include on-demand streaming options. So, you can (probably) get replays of shows that you’ve missed and start watching your favourite shows right away (while you wait for your Foxtel installation). 

And don’t worry, you can still get free-to-air channels along with your Foxtel installation. So, you’ll still be able to catch any shows you’ve been watching on free-to-air TV without disruption. 

What Are Your Package Options and How Much Does Foxtel Cost? 

You have two main options for watching Foxtel and lots of different price points, depending on the shows and channels you want to watch. 

Option 1: Stream

Foxtel Now is Foxtel’s version of Netflix/Stan. It allows you to stream shows on-demand via your internet connection. You can choose from a basic Essentials Pack ($25/month)add on a Sports Pack ($40/month), or include all available Foxtel Now Packs ($79/month) 

You can watch Foxtel Now on any supported device, including:  

  • Your Smart TV 
  • Your digital TV via a Foxtel Now box ($99) 
  • Using the Android or IOS app on your phone or tablet 
  • On your computer via the browser 
  • TV via Google Chromecast 
  • Apple TV via Airplay 
  • Telstra TV 
  • PS4 

Option 2: Satellite

Most of Foxtel’s live TV comes via satellite subscription. That is, the signal is bounced off orbiting satellites, before traveling to your satellite dish and receiver on the roof of your house. With satellite, you get live programming (kind of like regular TV) but you also have access to Foxtel GO (app/website) streaming options so you can watch on demand, too.  

Costs vary for satellite, depending on the type of hardware you get, what packs you subscribe to, and how much your Foxtel installation costs. You’ll need to start with the Entertainment pack and then add any other optional channel packs you like. Here’s a rough summary of costs: 


Service/Pack  Cost 
Entertainment pack  $26/month 
Sport pack  $20/month 
Movies pack  $20/month 
Drama pack  $20/month 
Entertainment plus pack  $10/month 
Docos pack  $10/month 
Kids pack  $10/month 
All channel packs in HD  $137/month 
HD add-on  $10/month 
Specialty channels (varies)  $5-$30/month 
iQ4 settop box  $125 
iQ3 settop box  $125 
iQ2 settop box  $75 
Foxtel installation standard fee  $100 
Add on multi-room installation  $15-$25 


What About Cable?

Technically, there used to be a third option for Foxtel installation – cable. But Foxtel no longer offers this to new customers. These days, it’s all about the satellite, with Foxtel moving customers from cable to satellite. 

Why Not Just Stream Via Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now is cheaper than a satellite subscription and it also offers the convenience of streaming on demand. But Foxtel installation via satellite (and the equipment it comes with) are still popular for many reasons:  

  • The experience of watching episodes live 
  • The option to record content on your settop box device (even remotely, when you’re not at home) 
  • Start over function 
  • Series linking 
  • Movie store 
  • Included access to Foxtel GO, which provides on-demand and live streamed content on your device 
  • Not relying on an internet connection to watch content (or chewing through downloads/bandwidth) 
  • Not getting your favourite show interrupted by the NBN dropping (again) 
  • Being able to just switch on and watch whatever’s on (without having to decide what to watch first) 
  • Being able to watch in guaranteed 4K (if your TV can handle it) 

If the above features would help you get more out of your Foxtel subscription, it might be worth investing in a satellite Foxtel installation. 

What’s Involved in a Foxtel Installation?

All Foxtel installations now require a satellite installation. When your technician turns up, they’ll:  

  • Assess your home and recommend the best position for your TV to allow for access (generally it’ll need to be an external wall) 
  • Check the reception and position your satellite dish facing north to get a clear signal 
  • Run cables from your satellite dish, along your external wall, before bringing the connection inside to a wall plate (similar to an antenna installation) 
  • Use a fly lead cable to connect your settop box to the wall plate 
  • Set up your settop box to ensure it’s receiving the correct channels with clear reception 
  • Consult with Foxtel’s procedures and guidelines to ensure a compliant Foxtel installation 

Of course, this is just a standard Foxtel installation. You might have other needs, like: 

It’s important that you get an experienced Foxtel technician in to set up your satellite Foxtel installation, no matter how big or small the job. There’s a lot of technical know-how involved in setting up the system and incorporating the right parts for your needs. And while you may be able to book your Foxtel technician direct through Foxtel, it’s worth getting an independent technician with a broader range of experience. They can help with a range of complementary services and more complex needs beyond a standard Foxtel installationAnd a lot of the time, they’ll get you booked in a lot sooner, too (which is important if you want to catch that new show when it comes out!). 

Book Your Professional Foxtel Installation

Ready for your best autumn of Foxtel entertainment yet? Book your Foxtel installation with Install My Antenna. We can help no matter how complex or custom your installation needs are. Call our friendly service team on 1300 800 123 for a free quote or to book your service today.