Is Now the Time to Get a New TV Antenna

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Is Now the Time to Get a New TV Antenna?

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Planning your antenna installation soon? Wondering if you need a new antenna or just a repair?

We’ve put together some tips to help you get your setup right the first time around, with a special focus on antenna installations in Adelaide. Our Adelaide team have noticed that the same kind of questions keep coming up around antenna installations, so we’re addressing them here.

But whether you’re based in Adelaide or not, you can read on to find out all the info you need to know before you book your next antenna installation service.

How to Know If You Need a New TV Antenna

In Adelaide, antenna installations are usually booked for one of the following reasons:

  • New properties – If you’re moving to a new house that’s never had a TV antenna installed before, you’ll need to get this organised
  • Old antennas – If your antenna is old and outdated (perhaps it’s the older analogue style) it might be time to upgrade it and get a better signal
  • Broken antennas – While some antennas might just need a basic repair job, some antenna problems are beyond fixing or it could be more cost-effective to upgrade
  • Incorrect installations – Many antenna installations in Adelaide were originally DIY jobs by homeowners or installations by service providers who don’t specialise in antenna installations

Think you might need a new antenna? Here are some signs your antenna’s not working as well as it should:

  • Fewer channels than you used to get, or missing channels that should be available in your area
  • Problems with sound quality
  • Pixilation
  • Picture freezes, flickers, or disappears

If you’re experiencing any of these TV reception problems, it’s a good idea to call an antenna expert who will test your devices and recommend the best solution, whether it’s a repair or upgrade.

How to Install a Digital TV Antenna

Here’s the process you can expect your antenna technician to follow…

1) Assess the Local Signal Strength

The first step in installing your TV antenna is to understand signal strength. You can get a good idea of signal strength yourself by putting your address into the government’s MySwitch website. Your technician will also perform checks onsite to see what kind of signal you get and how this might impact your antenna installation. Adelaide’s inner city and oceanside areas generally get good signal coverage. However, areas directly to the North, South, and East of the city get patchy signals, with signal strength and reliability decreasing as you get further out.

2) Choose Your New TV Antenna

The type of antenna installation equipment you need will depend a lot on your local signal strength. If reception quality is good (like it is throughout most of Adelaide metro), you should be okay with a standard antenna setup – that is, an outdoor digital antenna installed on your roof.

But if you have poor reception quality, your installer may recommend extra equipment to boost your signal (like an amplifier) or get a better signal (like a higher mast or larger antenna).

In some cases, if you’re located close to a broadcast tower and have clear line of sight, you may be able to use an indoor antenna. But for most Adelaide residents, an outdoor antenna located on the roof will offer you the best, clearest signal.

In Adelaide, you’ll need an outdoor antenna that’s:

  • Omnidirectional with horizontal polarisation
  • UHF/VHF combination

It’s also worth considering local weather conditions like wind strength, rain, and ocean proximity to determine whether you need a standard or heavy duty antenna. If you know that your home is likely to be exposed to strong winds or storms, a heavy-duty antenna is probably worth the extra investment to ensure it lasts.

3) Install the Antenna on Your Roof

Once your antenna is purchased, assembled, and ready to go, your installer will use a ladder to climb on your roof, bringing the antenna and any tools with them. They’ll check the direction of your local TV towers to ensure your antenna is pointing the right way.

They’ll firmly mount your antenna on your roof tiles or corrugated iron roof, usually at the higher point for best reception, unless there’s a large tree or building that may interfere with the signal.

Note: this isn’t a job you should DIY. The best way to install your TV antenna and avoid potential problems is to get help from a professional.

4) Run the Lead in Cable and Install TV Wall Points

Next, your TV antenna installer will connect a cable that runs from your TV antenna through your roof/wall, to your TV wall point.

By the way, you can split this signal and install more than one TV wall point. Most Adelaide homeowners have a TV wall point in their TV room, living area(s), main bedroom, and often the other bedrooms, too. That way, they can watch their favourite shows from nearly anywhere in the house or have the option to move their TV around in future.

5) Connect the TV and Test

Finally, your antenna technician will connect your TV to the wall point via a cable. They’ll switch it on, tune your TV, and test it to make sure you get a good sound and picture, along with all your local channels.

Important Considerations for Adelaide Antenna Installations

Adelaide’s main broadcast towers are located at Crafers, which is a mountainous area about 11km South-East of the city. Some of the other broadcast towers for Adelaide include:

  • TXA Grenfell Centre Site Mast, 25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide – servicing the Adelaide Foothills area
  • Vodafone Site, 3 km ESE of Kersbrook, Mt Gould – servicing the Gumeracha area
  • Broadcast Site, Lot 100 Uley Road, Elizabeth Downs – servicing the Craigmore/Hillbank area
  • Telstra/Optus Site, SA Water Tower Marchants Rd, Strathalbyn – servicing the Strathalbyn area
  • Broadcast Site, Trigg Point Rd, Myponga Hill – servicing the Myponga area
  • Broadcasting site, Mill Road, Normanville – servicing the Normanville area
  • Telstra tower, 2 km NE of Maitland – servicing the Maitland area

Generally, you can expect a good signal in the Adelaide metropolitan area. But with so many local options, it can get a bit confusing. Which one should you connect to? Your antenna installation technician will connect you to the best broadcast signals for your location, so you experience a clear, reliable signal.

However, if you’re located further out or in regions where the local landscape/buildings interfere with line of sight, you might struggle to connect to a reliable signal. Especially in areas on Adelaide’s outskirts, like:

  • Gumeracha
  • Inglewood
  • Golden Grove
  • Lenswood
  • Harrogate
  • Petwood
  • Highland Valley
  • Woodchester
  • Macclesfield
  • Paris Creek
  • Strathalbyn
  • Ashbourne
  • Myponga
  • Victor Harbour
  • Cape Jervis
  • Kapunda
  • Riverton
  • Balaklava
  • Maitland
  • Yorketown

In this case, your antenna installer will carefully consider the placement of your antenna on your roof for the best signal. They may recommend a higher mast to boost your chances of a clear signal. Or they may install a signal amplifier to help increase the signal strength, so you get a clear picture and sound.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of installing a digital TV antenna in Adelaide will depend on:

  • Your home’s location
  • Whether you’re in a single storey or multiple storey home
  • Your roof type
  • Any extra services you might need (extra TV wall points, TV wall mounting, amplifiers, etc.)
  • The type of TV antenna you’re getting installed

Most professional installations cost between $300-$500+, but your quote may be more if you need any extra services, or if it includes the cost of a new antenna.

How to Find a Quality Provider for Antenna Installation in Adelaide

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Get Your Antenna Installation in Adelaide Sorted

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