Top 5 Reasons Customers Want A Professional TV Wall Mount Installation

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Top 5 Reasons Customers Want A Professional TV Wall Mount Installation

1 July 2018

So you have recently bought your brand new flat screen TV, got it home without a scratch and you start to unpack the box. And you realise, like up to 50% or more people who buy new TVs, that you don’t want it just sitting on your cabinet or a stand. You want a TV wall mount installation!

If you’re not the most handy person around the house, then mounting an expensive new TV on a gyprock, brick or concrete wall may seem like a scary activity. Fear not! If you aren’t an expert at wall mounting TVs, then you may want to consider calling one of our friendly staff members on 1300 800 123 to help with your TV Wall Mount Installation. If you are still considering getting a professional TV wall mount installation, below is a list of the top 5 reasons why customers choose to get one of our professional, trained and insured installers to complete the task.

1. Safety First!

Having a professional hang your TV means you don’t have to risk completing the installation yourself. You might not have the right tools, bracket or skill set to be able to complete the job in a safe manner.

Is your mount capable of mounting on a gyprock wall with no studs? Make a wrong move and you might have a 30+kg TV falling off the wall on an innocent bystander or pet.

Will your cables even be able to be hidden if you have horizontal studs blocking the path? Don’t go drilling into the wall without knowing what electrical or plumbing services are hiding in there. Drilling in the wrong spot could cause a serious water leak, or even an electrocution!

2. Make More Space

Maybe you want to clear the space on top of your crowded entertainment unit. Or you might want to get rid of that table altogether! Mounting a TV on the wall means you can have more space in your living room, bedroom or games room.

3. It Just Looks Slick

There’s no doubt that a wall mounted flat screen TV looks exceptional when done correctly. The new super slim TVs with tiny bezels can transform the look of your home and even add value to your house if you are preparing for a sale or lease. Our fully trained technicians will ensure your TV is wall mounted with 100% precision to make your TV both functional and super slick!

4. It’s Kid Friendly

Getting the TV higher and out of reach of the kids can make it a much safer environment. Moving the TV off the entertainment unit means removing a few more sharp edges and taking a few more cords out of reach of your children, which may give you just a little more peace of mind when they are wandering around the house.

5. It Makes For Comfortable Viewing

Whether you are after a flat/tilt or full swivel bracket, our technicians carry TV brackets to suit your needs. Getting the TV mounted at the correct height, on the right bracket can result in the optimal viewing angle. This will ensure everyone in the room will be able to see the screen and you won’t end up with neck cramps from looking up all the time (like sitting in the first row at the movie theatre!). When you are watching TV, you want to be in the most comfortable position possible.

If you want to get a professional TV Wall Mount Installation, or if you have any other home theatre installation needs, give one of our friendly team members a call on 1300 800 123 today.