9 Creative TV Point Installations for Your Home

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9 Creative TV Point Installations for Your Home


DIYing a few home projects? Whether you’re renovating, changing some features here and there, or looking to improve one or two rooms, you might want to think about booking a TV point installation. But where do you need a TV outlet? How can you future-proof your home so you never need to install another one again? And when’s the right point in your renovation or project to book your TV point installation? Let’s talk through some of the most popular rooms and locations to place your TV outlet, factors to consider, when to book in, and what to expect from the process. That way, you can get all your TV points sorted in one go so you can save time and money.

Why You Might Need More TV Points Installed

Your home probably has 1-2 TV points installed already. But that might not be enough. Here’s why we often get called out to add extra TV points:

  • New loungeroom layout – If you want to change your room layout but feel constricted by the location of your current TV point, then why not add another one? Then you’ll have the option to shift your furniture and TV around or move them back again later.
  • Office room to bedroom – If you’re converting your office to an extra bedroom, you’ll have more space for guests (or your growing family) and you might even add value to your home. As part of the process, you might like to book a TV point installation.
  • Bedroom to living room – Maybe you’ve got a large bedroom and plan to turn it into your new living room. Or maybe you’re knocking out a wall to extend your existing living area. Either way, this can mean you’ll need another TV point installed, or your existing one moved.
  • Growing family – As your kids get older, they’ll likely want a TV in their own space so they can watch their shows (and play video games). Or if you’ve got small children, you might choose to watch your PG+ rated shows in the privacy of your bedroom while they watch their favourite shows in your living area.
  • Short-stay accommodation – More and more people are renting out their spare rooms and granny flats through services like Airbnb. One way you can add extra value to your guests is by providing a working TV – this will mean you can attract more guests and charge higher rates.
  • Just because you can – Watching TV in multiple areas throughout your home is convenient. Some people like to have it on the background while they work with their hands or socialise with mates. And sometimes it’s nice to have the option to add an extra TV down the track, just in case you want to.

A Small Update Can Make a Big Difference

When you’re renovating or updating your home, a lot of the stuff you really want to get done can be pretty expensive. Stuff like tiling or retiling the floors, moving walls, new shower screens, or a whole new set of kitchen cabinets. But a lot of the time, the updates that make a big difference to your day-to-day life are fairly small and inexpensive. Moving or adding extra TV points can mean you’re able to relax and enjoy your favourite shows from wherever you’re most comfortable. Or catch the news while you’re working on something else. Other small improvements that pack a big punch could be shampooing your carpets, painting the wall, or even just putting up some trendy temporary wallpaper. You really can improve your home no matter how big or small your budget.

9 Common & Creative Places For Your TV Point Installation

1. Living Room

Every living room needs a TV point, so if yours doesn’t have one, you should get one – pronto! In our experience, there are two main reasons you might need a living room TV point installed. You might have a space that you’re converting from an office or sitting room to a TV room. Or maybe you need to change the layout of your current living room so you can watch TV from a different angle. If that’s the case, it’s usually worth moving your TV point or getting a second one installed, so you don’t have to run a long cable to connect your TV.

2. Bedroom

TVs in bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular. These days, it’s pretty standard for your main bedroom to come with a TV point installed, especially if you have a newer home. But if you’ve got an older home or you haven’t got a TV outlet in your master bedroom (or the other rooms) yet, you might like to add one. Why? Well, for a start, you’ll be able to watch TV in the privacy (and comfort) of your room while your kids watch their shows in the main area And there are few things more comforting and indulgent than watching TV, all tucked up in bed.

3. Above the Fireplace

If the main feature of your living room is a fireplace, you’ll likely have all your chairs and couches angled towards it – how lovely! But what if you want to watch TV, too? Or what about the long summer months when your fireplace isn’t getting used? Installing a TV point above your fireplace will mean you’ve got an alternative focal point during the warmer months, without needing to adjust your room layout. Just make sure you get a professional TV wall mount done at the same time so you can get it angled properly. Because your TV will be up fairly high, it’ll need to be angled downward so it’s comfortable for you to watch. An experienced technician will help you get this right from the get-go, so you don’t have to worry about putting multiple (unnecessary) holes in your wall.

4. A New Airbnb Room Or Building

These days, every man and his dog is opening up their home to Airbnb guests. Which is great, because it means you get to make the most of your unused space, and you can make a bit of extra income on the side. But if you’re going to get set up with Airbnb, you’ll need to start with essential amenities, like clean linen, a bedside table, a cupboard to put their things in, and – you guessed it – a TV. Okay, so a TV might not be essential, but whether you’re renting out a room or a separate suite, a TV connection is a great way to add value to your guests.

5. Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Area

If you’ve got an undercover BBQ area, why not add a TV outlet? There’s no better place to watch your favourite sports and catch up with your friends and family. Just make sure you take care to weatherproof properly. Cover your TV up or bring it inside when you’re not using it.

6. Your Kitchen

Yes! Some people put TVs in their kitchen. We find this feature is more common in higher end kitchens, and it certainly has advantages. You can watch your favourite cooking shows while you follow along in real-time, or keep yourself entertained while you’re busy stirring, kneading, or cleaning.

7. A Den/Man Cave

No man cave is really complete without a working TV. After all, that’s really the point of having a man cave, isn’t it? So you can watch your favourite shows and catch live sports in peace (or with your buddies)? No matter where your den is or what it looks like, installing a TV point will complete it (that and a mini bar fridge).

8. Home Office

A TV point installation for your home office or workplace is essential for you if catching the news is part of your job. Or if it helps you to get stuff done by having it on in the background (the perfect replacement for office chatter!). Plus, while it’s there, you can use your TV for other purposes, too – like displaying video conference feeds/live streams.

9. Garage/Shed

Watch TV while you work on your car, motorbike, or boat, with a TV point installed in your garage or shed. This is especially essential for if you’re working on something boring or repetitive, like sanding, cleaning, polishing, and so on. Really, you deserve to have the best TV in the house for your shed as a reward for all that hard work.

How to Choose Where to Put Your TV Point Installation

We’ve given you a lot of ideas to hopefully get you thinking creatively, but now’s the time to narrow it down to how many TV points you need and where. So, before you book your TV point installation, ask yourself these questions…

  • Where might you want a TV?
  • How might your family’s needs change in the next 10 years?
  • How might that affect your technology and TV requirements?
  • If you were to sell/rent one day, what might potential buyers/renters want?

What’s the Process?

Once you know how many TV point installations you need and where you need them, it’s time to book a professional. DIYig is not worth risking your safety, and it’s probably more affordable than you think to get it done by a pro.

Step 1: Quote

Contact your local professional digital / antenna professionals to book in your TV point installation service and get a quote. If you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, or Perth, we can help. Call us on 1300 800 123 or fill out our quote request form with your details, including how many TV points you want, your wall type, your roof type, and what the access is like.

Step 2: Professional Tech Assessment

Your technician will come out and do a professional assessment, make recommendations, then confirm your quote. They’ll assess the best spot for your wall and room setup, as well as considering factors like:

  • Positioning
  • Cable length
  • Splitters required
  • Impacts on signal strength
  • Wall types and wall studs
  • Plus other services like pipes and electricals in your wall

Step 3: Cable and Outlet Installation

Next, your technician will begin the TV point installation process. This can vary depending on your home, wall type, and the location of your TV outlets. But most of the time here’s what will happen:

  • They’ll split the signal after the lead-in cable connected to your TV antenna with a splitter or a tap
  • Then run a cable from this either internally or externally to the room(s) where you want your additional TV point(s)
  • They’ll either run the cable through your internal wall or conceal it in some Aussie Duct (a cover)
  • They’ll double check with you precisely where on your wall you want your outlets
  • They add connectors to the cable and screw it into your brand new TV outlet on your wall

Step 4: Weather-Proof and Clean Up

If your technician has run cables outside, they’ll weather-proof the part where the cabling enters your house from outside. Finally, they’ll connect up any devices you need (like your TV, DVD player, etc.) and clean up after themselves. Your TV point installation is done and your new TV connection is good to go!

When Should I Organise My New TV Points?

Whether you’re fixing up your home, or just refreshing a few rooms, or even repurposing them, you’ll need to book your TV point installation at the right time. If now’s the right time for you, take a look at our TV point installation services, or start step 1 of the process by calling us to book in and get a quote. We’re the TV point installation pros, and we’re here to help make it easy for you. Best of all, we’ve seen it all before, so we won’t be phased by anything, not even the most creative or unusual TV point locations (we’re looking at you, readers who want that TV over your bathtub)!