Erskineville – SMATV System

February 2018

Erskineville Apartment - Outdoor 2

This new construction comprised 2 towers of luxury apartments. The team at Install My Antenna designed, supplied and installed the 5-wire, combined Free To Air and PayTV SMATV system.

This was a relatively standard SMATV system installation for Install My Antenna. Nevertheless, there was the need for a strict budget and working flexibility. The team needed to attend site urgently on a number of occasions in order to assist the Electrical Contractor to meet their internal timelines and progress points. One benefit of using Install My Antenna is that we have a large number of technicians across all our service areas. As a result, we can often attend to site at very late notice. And can even provide a ‘same day’ or ‘next day’ service to our residential and commercial customers.

The design comprised a single antenna and single Foxtel approved satellite dish for the ~250+ double gang TV outlets across the 2 towers. The Install My Antenna team installed the system using a combination of Quad Shield RG6 and RG11 coaxial cables. All outlet cables comprised RG6 cable. The link connection between the 2 towers comprised RG11 cable. The link cable connected Level 3 on the West tower to Level 3 on the East tower, running through the underground basement. Otherwise, each tower had a star configuration cabling design across the 7 levels. All materials used were Foxtel approved, and installed in accordance with current Foxtel regulations.

The project was a success for all involved. All tasks completed on time and on budget. In addition, there were no faults in the system. This completes another successful SMATV system installation for the team.

Photos of the installation

Below are a few more photos of the installation taken at various points of the new construction.

Erskineville Apartment - Inside

Erskineville SMATV System 2

Erskineville SMATV System 3

Erskineville SMATV System 4

Erskineville SMATV System

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