Gold Coast – RF Distribution Installation

March 2018

TopGolf RF Distribution

When Downer Group approached us with this project, we couldn’t have been more excited. The Install My Antenna team includes a few keen golfers. So providing a golf driving range with a fail proof RF Distribution Installation didn’t really feel like work at all.

This driving range was the first site in Australia for a large US based company. However, this isn’t your ordinary driving range. It has upwards of 240 screens and over 25 TV and in-house channels to view at any given time.

The scope from Downer comprised of 3 steps:

  1. Design an RF Distribution Installation capable of sending 24 HDMI streams, Free To Air TV channels and a number of in-house channels. Receive these channels at over 240 screens, with cable runs of up to 100m.
  2. Installation of the RF Distribution System.
  3. Test, tune and commission the system.

The Install My Antenna team got to work. The design utilised high end, commercial grade modulators, launch amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, a typical tap and splitter distribution system and compression connectors.

The installation was completed in a fast and efficient manner. The office staff co-ordinated the installation with the Electrical Contractor (who completed the cabling). The onsite technician installed all equipment ahead of time and without fault.

All in all, this project was very successful. The golf driving range is now open and is very popular with locals and tourists from across the country. The client and customers are both very happy with the result.

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