Liverpool – Mobile Phone Booster System

January 2018

This commercial client was experiencing unreliable and low mobile phone signal in their car dealership & service centre. As a result, there was a range of problems for both their customers and staff. They weren’t able to make mobile phone calls across the entire dealership. And they weren’t even able to process EFTPOS transactions. This was due to the lack of 3G and/or 4G network connectivity.

The installation was completed in less than 1 day and comprised the following:

  1. Mast: 15 foot guyed mast on a tin klip lok roof.
  2. Donor Antenna: Blackhawk Omni Antenna High Gain 700-2700MHz.
  3. Lead-in Cable: LMR400 cable run.
  4. Mobile Phone Booster: Cel Fi GO signal repeater for buildings.
  5. Splitter: 2-way N-connector Splitter.
  6. Coverage Antennas: 1x wall mounted panel antenna, 1x ceiling mounted dome antenna.
  7. Other Cabling: LMR400 and LMR240 cable runs, depending on length of cable run.

Immediately following installation and commissioning of the system, the technicians were greeted by happy faces. Another successful installation.

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