Moss Vale – Dipole Telecommunications Antenna Installation

April 2018

Moss Vale Telomast

At the beautiful country town of Moss Vale, the Install My Antenna team were called upon to complete a specialist telecommunications antenna installation.

This antenna installation consisted of the following.

  1. Mast Installation: Two 20 foot telomast installations (including turnbuckles, lock rings, thimbles, klip-lok roof mounting feet, guy wire, etc).
  2. Antenna Mounting: 6 dipole antennas mounted on the telomasts.
  3. Cable Runs: 6 cable runs of LDF4-50 (low loss 1/2 inch coaxial cable).
  4. Cable Terminations: N-connector terminations at each end of the 6 cable runs.
  5. Connector Waterproofing: Waterproofing of N-connectors with self amalgamating tape and heat shrink.
  6. Cable Lightning Protection: 1/2 inch grounding kit on each cable run.
  7. Lightning Protection: Lightning surge arresters for each cable run.
  8. Cable Run Waterproofing: Cable runs into the tin roof waterproofed using dektites, corrugated conduit and silicon.

The technicians at Install My Antenna have completed thousands of telomast installations. During the days of analogue TV transmission, it was much more common to install telomasts (from 20 feet to 50 feet high). Thankfully, some of our most experienced technicians have been working for us for decades and retain many of those skillsets. Point-to-point wireless microwave link installations also commonly use telomasts to achieve an adequate height for their antenna.

In fact, in certain locations around Australia, telomasts are still a very common for TV Antenna installations. This is most commonly due to the terrain of the surrounding area. When a customer needs digital TV reception and they are in a ‘hole’, then up to a 50 foot tall mast can get them out of trouble. VAST can sometimes also be an option in this situation. However, customers are sometimes hesitant to install VAST as it can be a costly installation to setup the new infrastructure. In addition, VAST content (TV channels) is often not localised.

Photos of the installation

Moss Vale Telecommunications Antenna 4

Moss Vale Telecommunications Antenna 3

Moss Vale Telecommunications Antenna 2

Moss Vale Telecommunications Antenna 5

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