Sydney – Foxtel Multistacker Installation (Building Upgrade)

August 2019

Satellite Dish Front

The team were called out this residential building containing 320 apartments in Sydney’s southern suburbs. The building had two separate TV systems running through the building – there was a Foxtel Satellite system installed many years ago, as well as an independent Free To Air television system. The Foxtel system previously in place is described as an ‘Extra Lite’ system, which means that there is only a single lateral cable to each TV point in the building. Customers were only receiving a small selection of channels on offer in their subscription package. The building manager contacted Install My Antenna to upgrade the Foxtel system to a full service offering.

After attending site to do an inspection of the existing cabling, the Multistacker upgrade was carried out. There was minimal downtime for Foxtel subscribers and the building is now setup with infrastructure to support Foxtel’s latest technology. The solution comprised of the following:

  1. Install a new 90cm satellite dish (Foxtel Approved), Dual LNB (Foxtel Approved) on a Foxtel Approved Satellite Mount on the rooftop
  2. Run new lead-in cables using Foxtel Approved RG11 cable
  3. Install a Foxtel Satellite Multistacker
  4. Use a diplexor to combine the existing Free To Air services from the antenna into the multistacker system
  5. Replace all RG11 crimp connectors to Foxtel Approved RG11 compression connectors
  6. Replace all amplifiers and passive splitters to active taps rated to 2400MHZ
  7. Balance amplification of satellite and terrestrial services
  8. Create Foxtel Multistacker SOW (signal logs, photos and other system details) and send on for Foxtel Approval

The new system allows all Foxtel subscribers to receive both Foxtel and Free To Air services through their TV point that was previously only able to receive limited Foxtel channels. The design and installation process was highly efficient to provide minimal downtime and a guaranteed outcome for the Building.

This was yet another successful Foxtel Multistacker upgrade for the team.

Sydney Foxtel Multistacker Installation Photos

Check out a few more photos of the installation below.

New Foxtel Approved 90cm satellite dish

Satellite Dish Side

1-wire 16-way Active Tap

Active Tap

Kingray Multistacker, DC Blocker and Diplexor

Multistacker and Diplexor

If you have a situation where you are considering upgrading your building to the Foxtel multistacker, Install My Antenna are Australia’s Foxtel installation experts. We provide a design, supply and installation service and guarantee Foxtel approval on all installations provided. Feel free to call one of our design and installation experts on 1300 800 123. We have over 35 years experience in communications and have been installing Foxtel systems since they were first rolled out in Australia. You are in safe hands with our office staff, design experts and technicians.

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