Woolloomooloo – Foxtel Satellite Multistacker Installation (Building Upgrade)

April 2019

Foxtel Multistacker

Install My Antenna were called out to provide an assessment and quote for this iconic location in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo. The building had previously been cabled for Foxtel Cable ‘off the street’, which was still being used as the only method to get Foxtel throughout the building. Being in the designated HFC zone for the NBN, the building manager had previously had NBN technicians attend to site and turn the building on for NBN internet services to be delivered over the same cable also being used for Foxtel services. Having experienced a number of Foxtel related reception issues, the building manager then contacted Install My Antenna to upgrade or switchover the site from cable to satellite.

Fortunately for this building, less than 10years prior, there was a new Free To Air TV cabling system installed, making use of high quality RG6 cabling and F-type connectors. This was run independently to the Foxtel / NBN Cable. The solution was simple:

  1. Install a new 90cm Foxtel Approved satellite dish on the rooftop
  2. Run new lead-in cables using Foxtel Approved RG6 cable
  3. Install a Foxtel Satellite Multistacker
  4. Diplex in to the existing Free To Air antenna lead-in cable
  5. Replace all passive splitters rated to 2150MHZ to active taps rated to 2400MHZ
  6. Test, tune and commission system to create an SOW for Foxtel Approval

This was a relatively standard system upgrade, particularly given the relatively new distribution cabling and wall plates that had been installed. Nevertheless, it required an efficient design and installation process, including co-ordination of access to the rooftop via a customer’s balcony, as well as access to multiple tenancies in order to test signal levels and log signal readings for inclusion in Foxtel’s As Builts Scope Of Works (SOW) documentation.

The project was a success for all involved. All tasks completed on time and on budget with no faults in the system. This completes another successful Foxtel Multistacker system upgrade installation for the team.

Woolloomooloo Foxtel Installation Photos

Below are a few more photos of the installation of the new Foxtel Approved satellite dish, Foxtel Multistacker and other components, including active taps, cabling and terminations using compression type F-connectors.

Foxtel Dish Woolloomooloo


Foxtel Multistacker

Dish and Mount

Foxtel Wallplate

Do you live in, or are you the building manager or strata manager for a building that wants to upgrade to the latest Foxtel multistacker technology? Install My Antenna are Australia’s Foxtel installation experts. Feel free to call one of our design and installation experts on 1300 800 123. We can help with all aspects of your project, including design, installation and commissioning. With over 35 years experience, you are in safe hands with our office staff, design experts and technicians.

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