Does the Skylink Antenna Work in Australia? An Expert’s Review

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Does the Skylink Antenna Work in Australia? An Expert’s Review

21 September 2019

Whilst you may have heard of the Skylink Antenna, it doesn’t appear to be sold anymore. We have tried to find the manufacturer’s website to get the full product specifications, but we can’t find it! You may see a similar product advertised on eBay or Amazon, or maybe you are getting followed around the internet with hyper-targeted marketing techniques.

It’s only our opinion, but we think that the Skylink TV Antenna may have changed its name to the TV Fox antenna, or maybe even the TV Fix antenna. They seem to be very similar products and claim to get very similar results. Somehow, you can get 100s of channels over the air for free using this brand new technology all bundled up into a tiny antenna developed by a NASA engineer.

Skylink TV Antenna

What Do Others Say About Skylink?

As we can’t find any specifications on the product, we will have to rely on other people’s comments and take a few educated guesses at what it may be.

Performing a basic Google search of “Skylink Antenna Australia” provides a few interesting results, not the least of which includes a few review sites like Tom’s Guide, Whirlpool, highya and Pissed Consumer. We will let you check out those reviews yourself.

What About the TV Fox Antenna?

Whilst we can’t provide our own detailed review, we previously wrote about the TV Fix or TV Fox Antenna. We would suggest you take a peak at that site before handing over any of your hard earned cash on taking a punt on the Skylink Antenna. It seems to be a similar ‘rabbit ears’ style of antenna, which will only work in very good reception areas (ie very close and near line of site to your local TV transmitter).