Antenna Point Installation Cost: How Much Should You Pay

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Antenna Point Installation Cost: How Much Should You Pay


Are you getting what you pay for when it comes to your TV point installation? Whether you’re getting a TV connection for the first time in your home or installing an extra TV point (or two), it’s important to know what’s involved and standard pricing. That way, you won’t get ripped off, and you won’t get surprised by the quotes you get back. 

Antenna point installation costs can start at as little as $180 for a single TV wall point, but the price goes up depending on how long the job will take, how complex it’s likely to be, and whether any additional parts are needed.

Factors That Go into Your Antenna Point Installation Cost

How Many TV Points You Need 

Your TV point installation costs depend, in part, on the number of points you need. But pricing is usually on a sliding scale – the more TV points you install in one go, the cheaper it is per point. So, think carefully about any future TV locations and antenna point installations – costs will be cheaper in the long run if you get them all done in one go. 

Still not sure how many you need? Here are some spaces in your home that you might want to add a TV point to: 

  • The other side of your lounge room (so you can move the furniture around) 
  • Your garage or shed 
  • Your rumpus room 
  • Your guest room 
  • Your master bedroom 
  • Your kids’ bedrooms  

To read more about the number of TV points and where you can install them, check out our TV point installation guide. You’ll also find some useful info on different locations you could install a TV in our previous blog, 10 creative TV point installations for your home. 

Your TV Point Locations

Quite simply, if your TV points are closer to your antenna, you can expect your antenna point installation cost to be less. That’s because more distance = more cable.  

Single Storey vs. Multi-Storey Home

Single storey homes will always cost less than multi-storey homes for three reasons: 

  • There’s less cable needed to go the full distance between your digital antenna and your TV points 
  • It’s a much simpler job to feed the cable through the internal walls 
  • There’s generally less time and equipment involved to get the job done safely 

Of course, if you’re in a large unit complex, this also complicates matters. You’ll probably also need to seek approval from the body corporate before you organise your TV point installation. You might be able to pick up some relevant tips in our previous blog, your guide to antenna repairs for apartment living. 

Your Location

If you’re located in an urban area, you’ll likely be close to your technician’s headquarters, meaning fewer travel expenses. If you’re in rural areas, you can generally expect to pay a slight mark-up to cover travel time. 

Your Wall Types

Standard antenna point installation costs usually apply to drywall – plasterboard or gyprock. If your wall is made from wood, stone, concrete, or brick, it will affect the techniques and materials your technician uses to get the job done. If they can’t conceal the cable internally, they’ll likely need to use more cable length and then add a cord cover to finish off the job.  

Another wall factor is whether it’s an internal or external wall. External walls may cost less because the cable doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your TV wall point. 

Any Extras You Need Included 

If you already have a TV point, you may be able to get away with using a signal splitter at your original pointthen connect up your cabling from the splitter to your new point. But it’ll depend on the quality of your signal, your wall types, and the distance between TV points. If your job is a little more complex or involved, you’ll probably need some extras, like:  

  • An amplifier – If your signal is weak after splitting it between multiple TV wall points, your technician may recommend an amplifier to help increase the signal strength sufficiently 
  • An antenna upgrade – Many people find it’s affordable to do a planned antenna upgrade at the same time as their antenna point installation – it’s cost effective and saves time 
  • Cable upgrades – Usually, when installing extra TV wall points, your technician will also check the condition of your existing cable, and if it’s on its way out, they’ll recommend replacing it at the same time 

Plus, you might want to upgrade your TV area with things like:  

So, What Does Antenna Point Installation Cost?

Antenna point installation costs start at around $180 but could be as much as $500+. If your technician requires more time and equipment to get the job done, it’ll be on the higher end of pricing. But if it’s a straightforward, single-level dwelling with one antenna point installed, costs will be closer to $180. 

If you are looking for the cost of a whole new TV antenna installation, read our article about the average TV antenna installation cost.  

Why Hire a Professional TV Point Installer

Some people DIY their antenna point installation – it costs less, so why not? Actually, there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t DIY! Unless you’re an experienced antenna technician, you should hire a professional. Here’s why:  

  • Safety – A professional will safely deal with heights, electricals, and more; while ensuring your TV wall point is 100% safe to use 
  • Experience – An experienced technician will quickly solve any issues that come up and will know the most efficient ways to get the job done 
  • Equipment – Unless you’re a professional, it’s unlikely you’ll have the equipment you need to get the job done properly and safely  
  • Professional finish – Your TV wall points will probably be visible to your family, visitors, and people who may be interested in purchasing your home one day, so book a professional who’ll do a proper job and make them look their best 

FAQs About Antenna Point Installation Costs

How Much Does a TV Aerial Cost? 

The cost of a TV aerial depends on the type of aerial you need, and other factors around your home, location, and access. Outdoor TV aerials can start from around $90 (for a cheap Bunnings antenna), plus you’ll need to pay for installation costs, usually starting at around $190. For more information on TV antenna installation prices, check out our write-up on 11 Factors that Go into TV Antenna Installation Cost.

Tip: if you bundle your TV aerial installation with antenna point installation, it’ll cost less than if you booked each service separately. 

Does It Cost Extra To Add More TV Points? 

Yes. Getting extra antenna points installed will cost more, to cover the extra parts (cable, sockets, etc.) and installation time. But usually bundling multiple TV point installation services together will mean you pay less per TV point. 

Why Do I Need More TV Points?

Extra TV points will give you more options so you and your family can enjoy your favourite free-to-air shows in more than one location. Or you can watch different channels at the same time, on different TVs. These days, it’s standard to have a TV wall point in your living room and your master bedroom, but you don’t have to stop there. You can add extra TV points to any room in your house. 

Should I Choose the Cheapest TV Point Installation Quote?

If you’re comparing quotes, you might be tempted to book with the cheapest option. But that’s not always a good idea. Here’s how you can decide whether your quoted TV point installation cost is too good to be true: 

  • Check the inclusions – Make sure their quote includes details like your wall type and the right number of TV points, plus any parts they’ll need (like cables) 
  • Make sure they’re established and reputable – We’ve been doing this for decades, but there are many contractors and companies operating with very little experience 
  • Good service  You’ll learn a lot about a company from what their customer service is like 

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